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9 Reasons Why Your Urine Smells Weird and Funny

While occasional changes in urine odor are often harmless and can be attributed to diet or water, persistent and unusual odors may be indicative of underlying health problems. Here are some reasons why your urine may have a strange or funky smell:


Concentrated urine due to dehydration can have a strong ammonia-like odor. It is important to stay hydrated to prevent this.


Certain foods and drinks can affect the smell of urine. For example, asparagus, coffee, fish, and some spices can create distinct aromas.

Bacterial infections:

Urinary tract infections can cause foul-smelling urine. The odor is often accompanied by other symptoms such as pain during urination and an urgent need to urinate.


Uncontrolled diabetes can cause a sweet or fruity odor in urine. This is due to the presence of ketones, which are produced when the body breaks down fats for energy.

Liver or kidney problems:

Liver or kidney problems can change the composition of urine and lead to a noticeable change in smell.

Maple syrup odor (maple syrup urine disease):

This is a rare genetic disorder that affects the breakdown of certain amino acids, making urine with a sweet, maple syrup-like smell.

Metabolic disorders:

Some metabolic disorders may cause abnormal odors in urine. For example, trimethylaminuria causes a fishy odor.

Medications and supplements:

Some medications and supplements can affect the smell of urine. Antibiotics, vitamin B6 supplements, and some chemotherapy drugs are known to cause changes in urine odor.

Bladder Fistula:

A fistula is an abnormal connection between organs. A bladder fistula may allow bacteria to enter the bladder, leading to infection and foul-smelling urine.


In some cases, genetics may play a role in how a person’s body metabolizes certain compounds, affecting the smell of urine.

If you notice a persistent, strong odor in your urine that cannot be attributed to diet or dehydration, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional. They can help determine the underlying cause and recommend appropriate steps for diagnosis and treatment.

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