heart and blood vessels

Here are 7 warning signs of blocked arteries

An integral part of transporting blood and hydrogen throughout the body. However, it can be caused by a connection interruption, which leads to a general cancellation of the antivirus. In this article, we will discuss arterial pain, warning signs, as well as preventive measures to prevent heart disease.

Cause of injury:
Access links can be varied, including:

Cholesterol in prom and street walls.
Blood poisoning.
Inflammation of blood vessels as a result of diseases such as small vessel vasculitis and urticaria.
Muscle compression due to atherosclerosis.
Call sign:

Chest and arms ache.
Shortness of breath.
Leg pain.
Sudden blood pressure.
Visual changes.
Crystal pain.
Prevention and treatment:

Follow a healthy and balanced diet.
Operates indoors.
stop smoking
Glucose level and blood sugar level.
Avoid becoming interested in new meditation techniques.
Drug treatment according to the doctor’s instructions.
Periodicals for Arterial Health.

Understanding the causes and symptoms of cholesterol is key to heart health and healing. If you follow a healthy lifestyle and preventive measures, the blood circulation will stop the general functioning.

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