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8 early warning signs of lupus you should know

SLE or cutaneous lupus erythematosus is a chronic inflammatory condition that can affect the skin and internal organs. Signs of lupus erythematosus can appear gradually, but there are some warning signs that can indicate the possibility of the disease. Among these signs:


The rash usually appears on the face and takes a “butterfly” shape on the cheeks and nose.
The rash can also appear on the hands, arms, and legs.
Joint swelling:

Pain and swelling in the joints may be a sign of lupus arthritis.
Fatigue and tiredness:

Feeling extremely tired and exhausted may be a sign of inflammation in the body.
Sensitivity to the sun:

Excessive sensitivity to sunlight, where the skin can react abnormally to sunlight.
Hair loss:

Hair loss may occur in specific areas or in general.
Kidney problems:

Signs of lupus erythematosus may appear on the kidneys, leading to high blood pressure and changes in urine excretion.
pain in chest:

Pain in the chest area may occur due to swelling of the heart membranes.
Menstrual disorders:

Affected women may experience menstrual disturbances.
If you suspect that you may have lupus, you should see a doctor to evaluate your condition and perform the necessary tests. Early detection and rapid diagnosis can help control symptoms and provide appropriate treatment.

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